Bilder von PS4 auf Forum übertragen

  • Ich habe lange gesucht, habe aber leider kein anderes passendes Thema gefunden, deswegen habe ich es in den Offtopic Bereich gesetzt. Wenn es doch nicht hierher passt, bitte einfach verschieben :-)

    Joa, dann zu der Frage. Ich habe ein paar Screenshots auf meiner PS4 gemacht, die ich gerne hier teilen würde. Weiß aber leider nicht, wie ich die von meiner PS4 (geteilt in den Aktivitäten) auf meinen PC und von dort aus hier ins Forum bringen kann.
    Kann mir da einer helfen? hmm

  • War mal so frei und hab dir das mal gegoogelt auch wenn ich selber keine PS4 besitze.

    Falls du ein USBStick hast einfach darauf laden.
    Leider auf Englisch.

    Transferring PS4 Screenshots

    Start off by plugging in your USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on the front of your PS4. From there, turn on the console if it isn’t already.
    From the home screen, select the the Capture Gallery. This where all of your screenshots are stored from every game.

    On the next screen, you can select All or select the specific game from the list if you want to narrow it down to that.

    From there, you’ll see a list of all the screenshots that you’ve taken. You can hit Right on the D-pad and then begin to scroll through the screenshots. Find that one that you want to transfer to your computer and then hit the Options button on your controller.

    A right-hand menu will pop up, from which you’ll then want to select Copy to USB Storage Device.

    You’ll then select all of the screenshots that you want to transfer to your USB flash drive by placing a checkmark next to the ones you want. After you’ve selected the ones you want to transfer, select Copy in the lower-right corner.

    The next screen will tell you what the folder hierarchy will look like on your flash drive when you plug it into your computer, that way you’ll know where to look for your screenshots. Hit OK to confirm and the screenshots will be copied to the flash drive.

    At this point, you can exit out of the Capture Gallery and unplug your USB flash drive. Then, plug the drive into your computer and your screenshots will show up as .JPG image files just like any photo would. At this point, you can do anything you want with the screenshot.
    Screenshots come in a 1280×720 resolution, which isn’t as spectacular as full 1920×1080 HD, but it’s big enough to share on forums and such where people can easily see the screenshot without squinting for sure, and it reduces the file size a bit so that loading times are decreased.
    If you want to know about more PS4 tips and tricks, we have a thorough guide that has a handful of tips that you should know about, including how to use any headphones with the PS4, as well as how to use a keyboard with Sony’s latest console. There’s even a PlayStation app that you can get on your phone, which allows you to control your PS4 right from the app, which is really impressive and can come in handy quite a bit.

    Quelle: How to Transfer PS4 Screenshots to Your Computer

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