D-Ark-Room PvP start 18.12.2020 18 Uhr

  • Willkommen bei unseren neuen Projekt D-ARK-ROOM-PVP.

    Wir betreiben die neusten Plugins und Mods für ein angenehmes Spielvergnügen.

    Wir betreiben PvP Server und dementsprechen sind auch unsere Einstellungen und Regeln.

    Kleine Vorschau auf unsere Einstellungen.


    Super Strukture

    Awesome Spyglass

    TCs Auto Rewards v1.12.14

    HG Remap Stack V1.51

    Pickup Gun (with Anti-Dupe)

    Editable Server UI (WBUI) Open Source

    HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 V313

    HG Shield Protection V1.33

    Diverse Plugins

    [Raid Time]

    At all times!

    Weekdays: 100% structure and dino resistance and infinite ammo

    Weekend: 25% structure resistance, 50% dino resistance, 50% passive dino resistance and 3x turret damage.

    [Base Rates]

    - Harvesting x5

    - Taming x5

    - Xp x3

    - Breeding x14

    - Mindwipes unlimited


    - Egg Incubation x25

    - Mating Invertal Halved

    - Local Turret Limit 150

    - Tribe Limit 10

    - Max Level 135

    - Max Dino Level 150

    - Water Drain x1

    - Food Drain x0.8

    - Stamina Drain x0.8

    - Tammed Dino Limit 500

    - Tame Dinos Struture Cost 10 (each dino with a platform saddle with structures)

    - Tamed Dino Weight PerLvl x2

    - PVP Gamma True

    - Crosshair True

    [Player Stats]

    Base PerLvl Cap

    - Health 100 ~ 10

    - Stamina 100 ~ 10

    - Oxygen 100 ~ 20

    - Food 100 ~ 10

    - Water 100 ~ 10

    - Weight 100 ~ 20 1000

    - Melee Damage 100 ~ 5

    - Speed 100 ~ 2,3% 181

    - Fortitude 0 ~ 3

    - Crafting Skill 100 ~ 10%

    [Chat Commands]

    Use /ShowLimits in chat to see your current usage.

    Use /DinoLimits in chat to see your current usage.

    Use /Decaytime in chat to shows structures decay.<

    (Decaytime is for Dino/Structures 96 HOURS)

    /TLR - Sets a discord webhook for the tribe. (only for Tribe Owner)

    Example: "/tlr https://discordapp.com/api/web…peurhneyPu0XfytYlEVj781YV"

    Offline Raid Portection

    /setorp - sets orp to current player location

    /setorp - replaces ORP with current location

    /listorp - Gives list of current ORPs

    /orp - will give message saying if you are inside your own ORP or not. And it will tell you if your target has active ORP or not.

    Private Message


    /r response to a message

    Ss Autocrafter disable

    Ss Forcefield disable

    Ss Turrets disable

    Ss Crystal Cracker disable

    Ss Transmitter disable

    ss Tek Mutator disable

    Wir würden uns auf ein Besuch von euch freuen.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/gEGntmygwN

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