PC Ark Official PVP Tribe is searching new members

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  • PC Ark Official PVP Tribe is searching new members

    Hello together , we are a official tribe who is playing on the PVP Cluster and we are still searching good ppl to make our group stronger.First of all something about our Tribe , at the moment we are about 20-30 active Players between 16 and 55y old.We are a Team and our most important motto is " one for all and all for one "But as well as Fun is very important for us we are also focusing on the other important tasks on the official serversbut NOW to the question what we are searching! You should be atleast 16 years old and you should be able and ready to farm aswell you should be able to endure criticism and of course you should have all DLC´sA minimum of about 500 hours in ARK should be given on your Steam Account because then you got probably the most knowledge with all the things in ark, also if you haven´t got that much hours it isn´t a big problem , cause you can learn everything step by step from ur experienced players. They will help you just ask.Also if you are already playing in a group and you are searching for new members , you can also applicate with a group and then we can think about a multiple server alliance , it could be worth it too.If you got more questions just write me in Steam. I´m gonna sent you my steamlink in a personal message But you can also sent me your steamlink and i will add you.

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