Ancient Featherlight Rideable | Admin Animals | Passenger Seats | Breedable

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  • Ancient Featherlight Rideable | Admin Animals | Passenger Seats | Breedable




    - Rideable Featherlight
    - Supports one passenger seat
    - Normal bite attack with left mouse click
    - Torpor conflicting bite attack with right mouse click
    - Cuddle animation with c
    - Has an invisivle armor (equipable like a saddle) to increase its armor (passenger saddle supported)
    - Has all glow features as the normal Featherlight
    - Mate boost is available as well
    - Is breedable

    Preferred Food
    - Best tame: Planz Spezies Z or Citronals
    - Second favorite: Mejoberries or Auric Mushrooms
    - Eat otherwise meat and berries, but no other veggies than Citronal

    Working maps
    - Vanilla Redwood Spawn Regions
    - Scorched Earth Mountain Spawn Regions
    - Fertile Land Aberration Spawn Region
    - Forest Extinction Spawn Region
    - So it should spawn on any maps which are using at least one of those Spawn Regions

    Spawn Commands
    Ancient Featherlight
    cheat gmsummon "AncientFeatherlight_Character_BP_C" 150

    cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/AncientFeatherlight/Saddle/PrimalItemArmor_AncientFeatherlightArmor.PrimalItemArmor_AncientFeatherlightArmor'" 1 1 false


    Special thanks to Amokzwiebel_ for the wonderful showcase video and a fe w of the new screenshots and pics!