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  • Rabbits - Carryable | Admin Animals | Passenger Seats | Breedable

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    - Atlas creature
    - AI, food preferences and blueprint based on a Jerboa
    - Able to sense weather changes (one animation for all weathers though)
    - Can be picked up
    - Breedable
    - Able to get mutations
    - Spawns in different levels

    Preferred Food

    - Best tame: Planz Spezies Y seeds
    - Eats otherwise berries and veggies
    - Everything completely based on a Jerboa

    Working maps

    - Beach / Grassland on Island and Ragnarok
    - Fertile Lands on Aberration
    - Forest in Extinction
    - Should spawn on any map which uses at least one of those spawn points

    Spawn Commands

    cheat gmsummon "Rabbit_Character_BP_C" 150
    Future Plans
    - Adding more Spawn Regions
    - Changing the name of the rabbit to avoid mod conflicts
    - Add white aggressive bunny
    - More to come


    Special thanks to Amokzwiebel_ for the wonderful showcase video and a few of the new screenshots and pics!

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