Patch Notes 171.71

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  • Patch Notes 171.71

    Upcoming Version:
    * No longer lose performance after singleplayer savegame loads! Still needs more testing however.

    Current Version:
    * Unofficial Servers could crash if they had Dinos downloaded to them (at Obelisk) in some cases. Server Admins should update to get this fix.
    * XP glitch that resets your Survivor XP to your Mounts' XP is now fixed, however will require that servers are updated to 171.6 to get this. To avoid this until your server is updated, be sure to Earn some (any) XP on your Survivor after disembarking your mount.
    * Parasaur Founder's Saddle Skin now shows correct icon when applied to the Parasaur Saddle
    * Client connection timeout is now 30s rather than 20s
    * Slight performance improvement to calculation of particle LOD's
    * Fixed singleplayer characters erroneously starting with 1000 Weight limit
    * Ensured loading movie loops during direct joins

    * PIN codes now work properly on Doors, and also have been enabled on Small and Large Storage Boxes. (note your Tribe does not have to use the PIN codes, but this will prevent non-TribeMembers from accessing those functions. However, if the container is destroyed, it drops the contents anyway of course).

    * Server Admin Passwords are working again, both from "ServerPassword" key in the "ServerSettings" section of the INI, and via commandline. Sorry about that, server admins!!!!

    * Resolved error with sky rendererer that would cause some players to crash or ock at the end of the loading process when connecting into a game.

    * You can now upload Character & Dino Data from Tribute Terminals on Official Servers.
    However note these data can only be Downloaded onto Local or Unofficial Servers, for now.

    * Removed the "suicide" command. It was for testing only and is not a realistic thing. If you fall into a cavern and are gonna die of starvation, do what this guy does instead:

    YouTube™-Video: 127 HOURS - Full Length Official Trailer HD
    Aufrufe: 9,058,754
    The new full length HD trailer for 127 HOURS, directed by Danny Boyle (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, 28 DAYS LATER) and starring James Franco. In theaters November 5th!

    * Fixed invisible ocean caverns

    * Improved loading feedback to not have any temporary black/screen / possible lock between loading the initial gamedata and connecting to server. Should now be seamless.

    * Fixed some remaining blackscreen/connection cases! (hopefully all of them)

    * Minor hotfix increases the number of structures allowed within a radius from 800 to 1400. May increase it further in subsequent builds as we scale perf up.